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Entrepreneur of the Month opens Animal Clinic

 "I know we can do better!"  With years of experience as a general vet practitioner and observing the ins and outs of operating a clinic, Dr. Ignacio 'Nash' Tan III dreamed of owning his own veterinary practice. His dream recently came true with the October grand opening of the Edmonton South Animal Hospital (www.edmontonanimalhospital.com). The Business Link selected him as their Entrepreneur of the Month.

Managed by Nash's veterinary practice management company, Prime Vet Corporation, the hospital provides advanced veterinary health services for dog and cat owners.  Services include consults, comprehensive medical services, specialist referrals, diagnostic laboratory testing, digital medical records, veterinary products, prescription drugs, pet preventive care and extended hours of operation. 

Nash came to Canada from the Philippines, where he was a Pfizer accredited veterinary consultant.  He trained at the Ontario Veterinary College-University of Guelph, and gained valuable experience in vet clinics.  Nash decided to enroll in the Self Employment Program, and soon after completing his training with the Microbusiness Training Centre in 2010, he put his plan into action to open his very own veterinary clinic.

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