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Entrepreneur Success Stories for 2010

In 2010 here are some of the business startups we were excited to participated in. Would you like to help them out?  Contact us to connect with:

AMP'd Lighting specializes in providing and operating professional lighting equipment for community halls, weddings, corporate, and entertainment events. The company produces stunning and seamless visual displays and offers competitive prices to the consumer. AMP'd Lighting will focus on assisting small events to achieve a big event feel with a small event budget.  The company has begun work with a local restaurant to renovate and install custom atmospheric lighting, and has begun marketing its brand to community halls, as well as placing advertisements in recording studios, bridal shops, and local college and university campuses.

Paper Escape is in Spruce Grove, Alberta serving small businesses that have a need for bookkeeping and administrative services but may not have the resources to employ full time support staff.  By offering bookkeeping, office management, human resources and catch up financial services, Paper Escape will keep these small, home based or mobile offices organized and running efficiently so the owners can concentrate on the bottom line knowing they are being taken care of behind the scenes.

Ralph's Handyman Services Ltd. is a service and renovation company. We proudly take on handyman services and small renovation contracts that other companies stay away from. Individual customer needs and wants are our main focus. The company is a home base business and has low overheads, the office is already set up, fax and phone lines are installed and the detached garage for inventory and equipment storage is very suitable. The owner is highly trained in all types of maintenance repairs, has over 35 years experience and has completely renovated houses from their exteriors to the interior of the structures. This service is tailored to supplying labour and products used to repair, replace, maintain or renovate components in residential or small commercial structures.

Two Bodies of Water Productions is a sound recording studio based in Edmonton, Alberta.  It is the vision of the company to become Alberta's leading business partner to recording artists.  Our mission is to create an audio product that progressively blends quality and economy in the modern recording industry, and to artfully blend sound and modern technology. Two Bodies of Water Productions offers recording artists a unique opportunity to create, record, and present to an audience their product or art.  Simply put, this becomes a one stop shopping experience for the recording artist at a packaged value that is the best in the greater Edmonton area. With digital technology Two Bodies of Water Productions provides an economical alternative to the higher priced major studios while still meeting the expectations of a great quality end product. This begins with preparing the recording artist, coaching them through the performance of each part, making the recording sound as professional as possible, and helping them get their art into the hands of their fans.

Little Jack HornerMeat Pies makes handmade traditional meat pies, sought after by many people of various cultures. The pastry is hand rolled and mixed, with carefully selected meats and produce, to produce a wholesome alternative to the bland and low quality frozen foods sold at grocery stores. These meat pies will be retailed at Farmers Markets in the Edmonton area. 

 ArtiZen Coffee Corp. is a coffee roaster/retailer. Their services include custom roasting, workshops on cupping and roasting, home delivery with a paid subscription, taste before you buy retail bagged coffee, and teach clubs and organizations how they can profit from selling their coffee for fundraising.

Earth Legacy Inc. will provide residential landscape services that focuses on sustainable design methods, as well as sustainability services for businesses to find solutions for operations and build environments that decrease their environmental impact.  Support services will be provided to increase public awareness and education and to network sustainable companies. 

Full House Events & Marketing Ltd. (Full House) is an event planning, marketing, and project management company, that specializes in innovative and creative outcomes for their clients. Examples of services include planning for various events, creative production, and project start up services.

Rebel Monkey provides innovative graphic design services including corporate identity design, advertising campaign design, public document design, custom illustration, package design, online advertising solutions as well as website design and development.

RosZai Consulting and Public Relations ("RosZai") provides Public Relations which deals in media, press releases, events, and tradeshows.  The consulting side regarding promotions is to allow those individuals who do not have proper connections in the entertainment/fashion industry to give them an opportunity for success in those fields.  Personal Development is based on a program that focuses on etiquette, hygiene, self respect and goal setting for females aged 12 to 17 years.  The time/money management area is mostly for the organization of a client's daily schedule and budgeting in order to be more efficient in their daily lives.

Freeplay Design provides high-end graphic design and Internet related services to small businesses and individuals that are looking to expand their existing marketing efforts to reach their audience. Their services allow them to provide packages from designing your company logo to web site design, development and maintenance at very affordable rates.

GJS Presentations will make professional Speaking presentations, conduct Sales Seminars, run Workshops related to business activities, and conduct Motivational Key Note Speeches at Annual General Meetings or Conferences. These informative and innovative presentations will contain real life experiences and state of the art concepts. Gordon Smith's life experiences, academic pursuits, and community activities put  him in good stead, and an enviable position to bring a message to Business, Industry, Associations, and individuals.

Home Spa Edmonton makes feeling more energetic and gaining more flexible movement as simple as taking a very enjoyable bath. Home Spa operates a demonstration location for the Home Spa SG2000, Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath, and Organo Gold healthy Coffee.  These products and services help their clients feel better, have more energy and less pain. The oxygen bath is a wonderfully enjoyable experience and their location offers the feeling of taking a bath in your own home so you can envision having it available at your convenience.

Prime Vet Corporation will be a veterinary practice Management Company that will become Western Canada's largest and leading integrated veterinary practice network through practice acquisition, franchise and independent veterinary practice partnerships. Veterinary Clinics operated and managed by Prime Vet Corporation will offer full service, a 2-3 vet facility, with an in-house diagnostic lab, digital imaging, inhouse pharmacy, telemedicine consult, reference lab and retail outlet for veterinary products, dedicated to consistently providing high client satisfaction by rendering excellent service and superior quality in a clean, enjoyable environment for a reasonable price..

Rising Life Inc is the distributor, creator, and designer of an exciting new concept doll like no other. The dolls are "Talking Encouragement Dolls" and are designed to help girls and women build self-esteem. They are made of durable vinyl with a cloth body, yet are positive, pretty as porcelain, and project the look of a living child. The dolls meet all of the highest toy safety and quality standards in the world.

Cutler K9 Services is a service provider in the pet industry. The primary service is Dog Behavior Modification. Other services include Puppy Training, Personalized Training and a Dog Walking Service.


Fully Nourished Living provides workshops, consulting and resources to empower people to learn how to nourish and heal their bodies and those in their care; children, family and friends.  FNL plans to expand within the year to open a teaching kitchen, organic cafe and retail space.

Green Crusader provides waste collection, carbon savings, and green advice through books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs and consultation. Green Crusader is a champion in greening communities, businesses, and events while exploring the different revenue streams associated with the sector.


Priceless Imaging is a medium service video production house geared towards the everyday consumer and small business. The primary focus is to give small business an opportunity to have a video presence and to give consumers a better experience with their photographs and video. Photo Stories will use Hollywood magic to present your photos in an exciting format that people will want to see and share including engagements, weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, holiday season, DVD greeting cards, memorials, tributes, retirement, graduation, pets, children through the years, model profiles, actor profiles, athlete profiles, group events, school events, teams, vacations and anniversaries.


Taikun Ji Professional Corporation is a full service public accounting firm registered with the Certified General Accountants' Association of Alberta. It offers a wide range of tax, accounting and auditing services, with a focus on tax. It is committed to offering high quality professional services at reasonable prices. Taikun Ji, a Certified General Accountant, holds a Master of Law degree and had extensive experience in the tax department of a large accounting firm prior to setting up his own practice.


Whole Harmonized Healing provides healing sessions for people and animals. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy is working with the subconscious mind where all of our answers lie!  Most people think that hypnotherapy is for quitting smoking or losing weight but besides those issues it can help you achieve goals in life, improve relationships, heal old traumas, clear fears or phobias and just make you happier in life in general! Therapeutic Sports Massage and Reiki is done to treat horses and hounds, and Japanese  Reiki to treat people.